Chopping Board Large Citrus Juicer Citrus Juicer Melamine Measuring Cups, set van 4 Measuring Cups Melamine, set van 4 Measuring Jug, 1 liter Measuring Jug 1 liter Melamine Mini Colander Melamine Measuring Spoons, set van 6 Measuring Spoons Melamine Mezzaluna Chopping Board Mezzaluna Herb Chopper Mixing Bowls, set van 4 Mixing Bowls Melamine, set van 4 Parmesan Grater Serving Hands van Melamine Utensils Spoon Rest Melamine
Fabulous Kitchen

"These are objects I wanted passionately for my own kitchen - that's where the collection came from. I've really enjoyed having the chance to design my own collection, working through the ideas with Sebastian and seeing them come to life."